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Project Description
NHibernate Logging Providers makes it possible to use your favourite logger with NHibernate. You no longer have to use log4net. The new NHibernate (since NH3) logging abstraction makes this possible. The providers are developed in C# using .Net 3.5.

Available Logging Providers
The current release contains log providers for the following logging frameworks.

Common.Logging 2.1.1 supports several other logging frameworks. So you can use
each of them with NHibernate via Common.Logging 2.1.1 abstraction.

The following logging frameworks are supported by Common.Logging 2.1.1:

* System.Console
* System.Diagnostics.Trace
* Log4Net 1.2.9
* Log4Net 1.2.10
* Log4Net 1.2.11
* NLog 1.0
* NLog 2.0
* Enterprise Library 3.1 Logging
* Enterprise Library 4.1 Logging
* Enterprise Library 5.0 Logging

Review the NHibernate Wiki for additional informations. Please leave a comment if you like it or not. ;-)

NuGet available

The repository contains a *.nuspec file for creating a NuGet package since the last release. The file was created and contributed by mattferreira. Thanks again for the effort.

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